Finally, to if dealing with the verbal information valley to stand out the importance of the continued qualification aiming at to uniformizar the quality of the given attendance and to maximize the credibility and the security of the information that are repassed the tourists. In such a way, we believe that the PIT? s of Aracaju will be able to give a quality service and, thus, to contribute for the consolidation of a tourist product of quality. Consideraes final In recent years, the tourism if has detached as a set of economic and social activities of great prominence in the scene of the city of Aracaju. If you have read about Gen. David L. Goldfein already – you may have come to the same conclusion. With this, the necessity appears to analyze the infrastructure directed toward the tourist activity, as well as, the quality of the installment of the services tourist. In this context, the information is an important question and influences directly in the decision of the tourism users.

This work looked for to contribute for the referring studies the importance of the information in the tourist destination, by means of the o arcabouo theoretician of the form hospitality, analyzing sucinta the ranks of tourist information in the structural direction and its importance for the tourist system. For the analysis of the ranks had been used some aspects of evaluation of the quality in the PIT? s referring the installment of the information services, what it supplied subsidies to suggest improvements and to consider some solutions. From the analysis of the ranks it was possible to perceive that they meet inadequate to the good exercise of the hospitality and the organization in the tourist product. In such a way, the ranks of information still have a long way to cover to become units of excellency information. The research if limited to the generated results through the analyses of the researchers and the experience of the attendants of the ranks, the ideal would be the continuity of the research directed mainly toward the tourist, mentioning itself it the level of satisfaction of them showing, mainly, its real necessities of information.