Abandoning for the mother, girl is created by cachorros a girl of 3 years was found by employees of service of social assistance of the city of Ufa (Russia) being created for dogs. Madina, that was naked, was abandoned in house for the mother alcoholic. Madina alone knows two words: ' sim' ' no'. It only engatinha, imitating the cachorros, and, when people if approach to it, the girl snarls as a dog. According to inquiry, Anna, the negligent mother, ate to the table while Madina disputed food in the soil with the cachorros. The woman constantly disappeared to drink in the street. ' ' The girl is angelical, but she was private of love and affection, except of cachorros' ' , a social assistant counted who is taking care of of the case.

' ' The cachorros if had become the best friends of it and it they esquentavam in the days frios&#039 more; ' , it added. (Source: The Globe, Sent for Fernando Moreira – 2/3/2009- 11:13) When reading the text, reproduced above, I was thinking about the fragility of the proud one human being. Endowed with intelligence, being able of reasoning took that it of the discovery of the fire to the use of advanced technology, of the insemination n vitro to the clonagem, this being divided for ethnic reasons, partner cultural, moral or ethical for times cause astonishment. With all this potentiality still is an animal whose youngling is fragile and defenseless, needs to be well-taken care of per years the wire and alone it starts to walk after approximately 10 months. She is generally the mother who it of the o food, takes care of of its hygiene keeps, it warm It learns to speak, to walk, to sing, to run, because they teach, because it hears its equal ones to it, interioriza the imagos, assimilates its examples.