Know get up again. Part of life is receive bumps and shocks, it is inevitable, some suffer more than others. If your last relationship has left shattered, it is best to find recover before dating again; because not You will be your own. An ejemplo:Eliza, recently ended their relationship and soon after found a couple; He is charming, friendly, loving and protective. Two years is dedicated to take care of her and then Eliza recovers and returns make strong and independent women. And what happened? As the relationship ends.

She was no longer the woman that he had been in love.He liked to fragile women, who need protection and security.Why become a favor, stay away from the scene while it heals your wounds. Rule #3 love and happiness. Be happy with you to be happy with your partner. On one occasion I met a woman who always had couple. I guess we all know so someone (maybe yourself).

At the moment that ends a relationship, starts another. I asked him why he was so and she told me that she did not like being alone. When I met her, she was dating a Super man, but that did not give it the love that she intended to. You may find Cheniere Energy partners to be a useful source of information. I told him that why supported it. With patience he explained to me that he had no alternative; the only option remaining was to be alone and that could not endure it in any way.In the end, things were worse and he left. She, then, prepared to go bad when you knew that I was coming up. I saw it a month later and asked him what he was. I said: well, at the moment. I thought I was going to break into pieces immediately, but apparently, it takes more time than I expected.I think it was after six months when it finally fell into the account that was not going to fall apart in any way. Three months later things, met a wonderful boy who wanted a serious relationship with her, but she resisted. Had realized that single was also very well.The crux of the matter is that she insisted on relationships that not contributed you anything positive, only by fear of staying single. But when he realized that being single I could be happy, put the bar much higher and He demanded much more. I didn’t need to stay with the first thing that got him. After all what is the worst that could happen? That became to be alone, but that was not a problem at all.The moral of this story is that you must learn to be happy with yourself. In this way, you aguantaras not a bad situation for fear of being alone. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. Many people are unhappy only by fear to loneliness. The followers of rules learned to live and enjoy themselves and if they decide to share your life with someone, it is because that someone is really worth.Once you have understood this, you only agree to live with someone because you love him and makes you happy. Being alone is great, but be with someone who you love, it is even better. If it doesn’t work then, you should leave it without problem.