It will be that if it can question this point of view? A thing is certain: the main characteristic of the countries of the Third World is the economic option of these countries for the capitalist development, but that it does not hinder them to present serious social problems: infantile mortality, illiteracy, precarious health of the population, etc. Alone for being fit, then, in this category of third mundistas, already could be distrusted that the equal healthful capital formula the healthful society comes if showing ' ' furada' ' throughout history. In short, for being tied with the State and the group governs that it, it can be said that the Education is the service of these great capitalist groups. This takes to not a correspondence between the social demands (health, increase of the income, etc) and what he is being effectively propagated for the Education (to know technological of tip for the development of the capitalist economy). Knowing propagated by the school is the service of the development of the capitalist system, is come back toward the formation of apt professionals and technician to reproduce this way of social organization.

But, it is the Education that keeps alive the memory of a people and the conditions for its material survival and spiritual. The Education is, therefore, recital for the socialization and the humanizao, with sights to the autonomy and to emancipation. One is about a process that lasts the life all and it is not restricted to the mere continuity of the tradition, therefore assumes the possibility of ruptures, for which the culture if renews and the human being makes history. 1.2.UMA PERSPECTIVE LIBERAL In this unit will be boarded as it is to live in a capitalist society, in a liberal perspective, which is the theory economic politics and of the capitalism bourgeois, where during times, had occurred diverse modifications, to adapt this model to the social and technological transformations, as well as the oppositions that it had been made by the diligent classroom.