Official statistics report on the unemployment rate of 2.1%. It is clear that the official statistics – it's only employment center, which records and rely on the support of the least protected nachelenie layers (due to insignificance of this support). A significant percentage of applicants seeking employment through the Internet. A survey on the biggest site in Odessa job search, which was attended by more than 2,000 shows other much more eloquent figures. According to the results of answers, the number of applicants who have been dismissed from previous jobs as a result of the direct influence of the factors of crisis was 35% – of them laid-off, 15-20%; and almost 17% of applicants cause loss of call closure. 47% said they had quit on their own.

The results of responses show that under the wording 'resigned' may be hiding as a standalone treatment for another job, and dismissal 'by mutual agreement', or 'forced withdrawal under pressure of the authorities. " The commentary also noted soickateli "may reduce … do precautionary step, "" in connection with the crisis have lowered wages, "and even" after October 2008 I still can not get a job. " 13% of applicants – those who still did not work and seeking work for the first time. Another survey, conducted online Kharkov work shows changes in the conditions of work and life of Kharkov in the last six months. Nearly 35% of respondents said that over the last six months of their wages in UAH fell. And this despite the fact that the country has increased the level of and inflation rates have also increased. That is, those whose salary has not changed (and it is 25%), real income has declined.

In addition, the preservation of nominal wages does not mean the preservation of the previous level of income – 12% respondents said that they were paid salaries with delays, while 11% said that salaries did not pay the last six months. Salary increased by only 13% of the respondents. It is not surprising that in addition to those already dismissed (Both on their own, and reduction) and is a real unemployment in the labor market there are about 35% of applicants are still working, but actively attend workmen sites in search of more lucrative places work. Also, about 17% of respondents are currently looking for earnings to the main second jobs. Also, according to the answers, looking for second jobs, those who learn and those who are on maternity otpustke. No wonder that under such conditions at there exists a sentence, the employer dictates the conditions – reduce wages, sends a leave without pay. And changes in Kharkov, as in the industrial city, can occur only after the restoration the productive sector of the economy.