Why is that in his work the ghosts materialize, because the time imposed to make visible the inexplicable; that still visible and palpable, it remained unexplained. In the strange case of m. Valdemar, the Science is used to hypnotize a dying man, which ends narrating his trip through the unseen. In the collapse of the House Usher, the friend of the protagonist suffers from a rare disease, to the inexplicable classifies it as a disease; and the sister ends up returning from his funeral to produce splitting that produces the fall of the House of Usher, with the symbolic which is an implicit from the foundations. The reason may be attributed the discomforts of the host to a disease, even also to pass the death of the lady as a catalepsy, but his aristocratic and languid figure and portraits of the cursed lineage belong to a romantic past that collapses together with the House, as if Poe evoked a past for which feels yearning and sympathy; his old soul in a young body is identified with that House that falls to give way to that future in which he feels an outcast. In his stories, death is not an ending but another State; a person in the material dimension can be by dint of will bring back to another which is in the Ethereal dimension; of course, that the latter needed another body to materialize or lift his own tomb, since the reason requires a body to exist. The border between the material and the Ethereal is uncertain, and moribund women represent that bridge between the here and the more beyond.

Berenice, says that when she was healthy surely not he loved it, but the sick he loved it, so much as to wish their teeth, then that this dead; to rise from his deathbed already There may have a history of previous Dracula, although quite ambiguous vampire. What of diseased or dead women has to do with his mother, Mrs. Stanard and his wife Virginia, that he married this being his cousin, giving rise to an inbred relationship. All of them died young, and Poe had to attend their agonies. Poe saw in them a fragility that identified with the feminine, not to mention a source of purely romantic inspiration; of the suffering lover who suffers from the illness and death of his beloved. As a bridge to the more women there, that Ethereal dimension as sensitive, intuited and perhaps longed so much to reach soon, to four decades of his birth.