Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is the kind of device with the integration of electromechanical, which can change, start and stop the material flow instantaneously. Therefore, the feeding amount has high accuracy. It applies to convey the bulk, granular and powdered materials to the feeding device from the feed bin or hopper evenly and quantitatively. The vibrating feeder is comprised of the trough, shock absorbing, electromagnetic vibrators and electrical control box, in which the electromagnetic vibrator is the core component of the machine, whose performance determines the performance of the vibratory feeder. Compared with other feeding equipment, it has the following characteristics: The control systems generally use SCR half wave rectifier circuit so that it is easy to adjust the feeding amount by adjusting the thyristor open angle easily in the process. What is more, it can also realize centralized control and automatic control of the production process. The following are also its advantages? small size, light weight, simple structure, easy to install, no lubrication, low operating costs.

Because that the materials in the trough are continuously tossed in the feeding process and moves forward according to the parabolic trajectory. Therefore, the wear of the trough is small. Among the components of the vibrating grizzly feeder, the electromagnetic vibrator is designed by the application of the theory of electromagnetic and mechanical resonance drive. It is composed of the elastic system which is forced to vibrate by one pair of particles. According to the mechanical vibration resonance principle, to create high mechanical transmission capacity with small power consumption. Its main parameters include frequency, amplitude and drive angles and these materials have different optimum values for different parameters.

As for the maintenance of the vibrating feeder during the operation, the operators must always check the amplitude of the trough and coil current. If the plate spring and the puller bolts are loose or the plate spring breaks, the air gap between the iron core and the armature will change and it should be dealt with immediately. When the vibratory feeder starts to run, it is necessary to increase the times of checking. Paying special attention to the sound of the machine, if the voice suddenly become larger, the operators should analyze the reasons carefully. The sealing cover of the vibrator must be normal to prevent the gap between the plate spring from being keep.