The beautiful Spice Island in the Indian Ocean promises recovery pur a vacation on the sunny Spice Island of Zanzibar off the coast of the African continent is a unique and wonderful experience that certainly forever stay a beautiful memory every traveller. The Zanzibar archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean, 30 km southeast of Africa, and is the sister island of Pemba, as well as from many small islets composed of the main island of Unguja (often called Zanzibar),. Politically and administratively Zanzibar belongs to Tanzania, but possesses a federal equity rights. The capital of Zanzibar with the main airport in the vicinity is in Zanzibar, the island most largest and at the same time for the tourist. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jack Fusco. The main economic factor of the Islands are agriculture, especially the cultivation of cloves and coconuts, as well as tourism.

With double-digit annual growth rates of tourism expires but nowadays ranked first years of agriculture since the 1980s. It dominates in Zanzibar due to many of the long, white sandy beaches with crystal clear water of the recreational tourism, but also nature lovers and active Tauchsportbegeisterte be in the various national parks and nature reserves on their costs here. Many travelers book a Zanzibar holiday in combination with adventurous safaris or tours in Tanzania, to enjoy a most varied travel program with lots of action, as well as plenty of time for relaxation. For more information see Jill Schlesinger. Actually Zanzibar almost throughout the year very well suited for a vacation. Most travellers find it most comfortable the dry summer months from July to October with average temperatures of 25-30 C. There are two rainy seasons in the Zanzibar archipelago, on the one hand the small rain from November to mid-December, and on the other hand, the heavy rains from late March to early June. The months of April and may should be avoided, because then the rains are really intense and most hotels closed anyway. Jr.