The benefits of suspended ceilings are: – virtually unlimited life – the absence of deformation, discoloration, – can be used in rooms with high humidity – no debris after installation – improved soundproofing the room – the possibility of installing fire alarm systems – opportunity to place on him fire suppression systems, ventilation and wiring – providing waterproofing – unlimited in colors. The ceilings are set in Stimeks four inches from the main ceiling. Also, they can be used to hide defects, irregularities or defects in the ceiling, and to this end better use multilevel structure. There are several types of seamless stretch ceilings. Matte surfaces look like a good plaster ceiling, and they are suitable for a standard, classic repair pomescheniya.Glyantsevye ceilings will help to increase the space, because they have a mirror effect, with the ceiling of the room seem taller and bulkier.

In addition, the stretch ceilings can be represented by whichever drawing or photograph. When choosing colors should focus on the ceiling color scheme of the room, and should listen to their wishes. Do not forget that there are cold and warm colors. For cold include: – blue, reminiscent of the sky or the sea, brings peace and tranquility – green, bringing the freshness of the summer garden, helps calm the nerves – white, suitable for interior and design of any shade. To warm tones include: – yellow, reminiscent of sunlight, warmth and helps to improve performance – pink, romantic mood appropriate – red, causing a surge of adrenaline. With stretch the ceiling is possible to build not only geometrically correct figures on the ceiling, but also different wavy lines, curves and irregular shapes that bring to the design space of some sophistication. Attractive quality stretch ceiling Perhaps one of the most successful, most recently, proposals in the field of interior design are the ceilings that have become incredibly popular in our country.