revaluing the currency will take the currency into into Bolivars Fuertesa a. Then this period, which may extend as much as the Central Bank deems it necessary, shall be progressively withdrawn from circulation Old Bs and you’ll be fully implemented so far … It is assumed that the process is simple and, in the words of the BCV board is a Oeun neutroa process, ie the removing three zeros Bolivar will not affect at all the value of money and 1000 a Viejosa Bs correspond to 1 Bolivar Fuertea a regardless of whether it is the price of a good, service, a financial instrument, a debt or the salary of a person, the real value of any of them will not be modified, amended only way to put it, if they want to deepen the official explanation of the whole issue can explore the content of this page of the BCV. To successfully carry out this project is necessary to pay the very proper and careful attention to a few issues which, I think, that even he has not been provided and I want to comment below. First than anything else: the a valora of Bolivar. In terms of our economic theory is overvalued Bolivar, few people realize that the computation of the time it takes anchored to a fixed exchange rate of Bs 2,150 / U.S. $ and restricted the free exchange through the filter of CADIVI no longer account for days or months but for years, and during these years that have elapsed since he took this as the nation’s GDP has not stopped down (the increase in imports due to low production of goods and services due to the closure of companies supporting this claim), and inflation has not stopped growing.