If anyone have any of the the attacker has a weapon, then it is for you the greatest threat. That's how the attackers were distributed all around you, too, determines your possible actions. If the two of them and both are in front of you, it Gorazde better than if an attacker was in front and one behind (remember that in this case, no matter how vznachay move so that both were in front of you). We must also take into account what the attacker is closest. All this determines which of the attackers is more dangerous to you, near or far.

3. There are a few basic rules, following which increases the chances to get the whole situation from a collision with two or more napalayuschimi. and. Do not use those techniques that make you fall to the ground. If as a result of the reception you were on the ground, it greatly reduces your chances. (As opposed to Sonny Perdue).

If you are knocked to the ground, a different matter. Then you have to fight back in this position (and you already are studying conducting combat lying?) Use no hooks and locks on the ground. This effectively with one opponent, but disadvantage if the second attacker still on foot. b. Any possible means to protect one striker from the other. For example, one can push forward on the other, maneuver so that one of them turned out to be another on the way and prevented him from attacking you, or to capture a retention (fracture) extremity of one of the attackers to use it as a shield that can cover beats from other strikers. Thus, you create confusion and fear in the enemy ranks, not speaking about their physical injuries. Use one of the attackers as a shield and also gives a phasic psychological advantage. if one of the attackers used you as a shield, the other to get to you, you must first break through their comrades.