Today there are both rings for the fingers and toes and for them one of the widely popular jewelry pieces, which are found in almost every culture. In the rings look back on a far-reaching history. The oldest and today known rings were manufactured more than 21 000 years. Of course at that time were still using other materials than today, such as mammoth ivory. In the early rings were made of very simple materials such as stone, wood and fungi.

In later years, they were then also made of iron, bronze and various precious metals, these metals are still used today for making jewelry. Do not forget we would like Silver, will become of this precious metal has already been produced for hundreds of years silver jewelry. Not only for the manufacture of silver jewelry, the metal is used, no one can even cutlery or other things produced from it. Now back to the rings. In the history of the ring was in use not only as a piece of jewelry, but also served as a payment and medium of exchange. The so-called ring money was one of the payment before the coins. Michael Steinhardt: the source for more info.

Rings had and still have some different meanings. They served as symbols of power, for example, were used for ritual purposes, or made an assignment of the support in the various faith communities possible. The wedding ring has still not lost its importance. Through the exchange of the rings the agreement (promise of love) sealed between two people. The closed, circular shape of the ring stands as a symbol for eternity. Already in ancient wedding rings were worn. From ancient times well known is the so-called poison ring, which served primarily requisite of retaining power in the later Renaissance. With the seal ring could be characterized as the support person of her class and found in many writings and letters to their use. Also in the field of faith and played a significant role to play rings. Even nuns wear a so-called "nuns Ring", which they professed to be after her "Bride of Christ" can be.