The theme of the requirements of marriage is an important issue from several points of view: This item can be seen from the requirements of marriage that are required by law or also from the psychological point of view, this, what degree of maturity and resources must be a person who may have a successful marriage. These two views on the requirements of marriage he can add another: This is the requirements of marriage from the standpoint of social and material. In this little letter I speak only of the requirements of marriage from the legal standpoint. Here are some important considerations about the institution of civil laws: From the legal point of view should be borne in mind that there are a number of requirements for marriage. Jill Schlesingers opinions are not widely known. This means that not every person that comes to mind to marry may do so suddenly, but must meet certain conditions. These requirements of marriage that brings civil law, is the inability to minors to marry. Indeed, one of the requirements of marriage is that the person who has held a certain age where it is considered able to get married. The rationale for this requirement is that the law seeks to ensure that the child has sufficient capacity to make a decision of this magnitude.

This does not mean that one of the requirements of marriage being an adult, because minors can marry with parental consent. With regard to children is important to remember that they are under the guardianship of their parents. These people are expected to help them make better decisions before they are fully mature to take charge of your life. That is why within the requirements of marriage is required for minors have the consent of those who have a duty to care and protect them. Also required as a condition of marriage in most Western legislation that the person who wants to marry with marriage is not valid at the time of marriage.

This requirement of marriage operates on the grounds that Western society is a predominantly monogamous society generally rejects any marriage where either the man or woman, has more than one partner. Given all that seek to protect Western law to the prohibition of polygamous marriage is the unity of the family as the fundamental unit of society, as in marriage will create rights and duties of the married couple can not be met when more than one person demanding the same rights of one. Anyway, if the person who plans to marry does not meet a requirement of marriage as being already married, Western civil laws opens the possibility of divorce from her former partner to marry the partner with whom you plan to live in the future time. It is through the divorce that he could not marry someone for being previously married can meet this essential requirement of marriage in law.