Who of us at least once in your life did not run? No such people! Just getting to his feet and took the first faltering steps, a man strives to gain speed and run With age, many runners go into a "snail", and Some even become even motorists, and virtually say goodbye to this fascinating feeling of flight, mired in all of us in childhood, when running away so that the wind whistles in your ears and take your breath away. And only a few special staunchly unwilling to part with my childhood, or with a sports figure, stubbornly go to "start". Of course, the "runners" can be divided into 2 categories: sprint, ie sprinter and long-distance runners – runners long distances. Durable, lightweight and long-distance runners "explosive" sprinters use different types of spikes. In addition, there is a huge range of spikes for jumpers (for the long jump, triple jump, high jump, etc.). For such spikes are characterized by enhanced heel and a hard protector.

The surface of the foot near the heel should be ribbed, as in the triple jump and high jump present moment ". In studding for the long jump stiffness should be less, but one must have "heel." If we talk about studding a whole, the most important thing in that it must be noted that, of course, the specific outsole. It should be flexible, but at the same time, sufficiently robust and shock-resistant. The main task of a foot – to provide a very strong adhesion of the foot with the running surface. That spikes to help achieve this goal. Moreover, they are located in the forefoot, which most heavily used in running.

In stayerskih spikes a little effort heel, because while running a long-distance contact is heel with a treadmill. Sole ensures optimum transmission of motion minimum weight. To push was effective enough, the sole should be devoid of any depreciation. Qualitative spike should be as easy, with a sound system of lacing, which will provide reliable fixation of the foot. To determine the specific model of spikes, of course, must help coach who will assess the level of training of athletes and the specifics of his occupation. Be in shape! Tasha Interest