Call-center connects to the PBX internal lines, with no significant change in the overall work of the ATC is not happening. All calls received from the public telephone network Use for office telephone exchange, which is configured to switch the algorithm calls for Call-center. As the advantages can be noted that this approach is achieved with minimum means, with the achievement of desired results. Optimal investment for a small Call-center. Among the drawbacks is worth noting that such a functional Call-center, reporting, statistics, record conversations, the waiting will be available only for those calls that are received on Call-center. When making outgoing calls from the Call-center in the direction of the city telephone network uses the resources of office telephony. The most powerful potential of the outgoing routing Call-center, which can optimize the communication costs, is not involved.

Not always in such a connection can not transmit Caller ID Call-center. The subsequent expansion of the Call-center will increase the extension office telephone exchange – which is not an optimal use of resources exchange. 2. Setting Call-center parallel to the PBX in the case of News Organization Call-center for a new department or functional extension of the current department or referral service. If not enough resources PBX and there is no possibility of its expansion. In expanding the company can always have a situation related to the fact that over numbering capacity use PBX, and its increase is only possible by replacing the PBX used in high-end model. Avoid the need to replace PBX equipment, and at the same time solve the task of constructing the scheme will help contact center next to the PBX.