Anthony of Padua, the National Museum of Agriculture Vineyards Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of God, Vinogradskaya water tower, a monument to the brothers Capek, Vinohrady Theater, House of fire, the Cathedral of the Holy Lyudmila Riegrovy Gardens, the State Opera, Main Station Oh, I almost forgot, for a ride on the Vltava River by boat! Very nice and beautiful. So beautiful view and the right and the left bank of Prague. Also present Russian translation. You can learn something useful for themselves. May 14 The next day in the Czech Republic, we decided to dedicate an ancient town Cesky Krumlov.

It is located 150 km from Prague. It does not hurt to get a card. So far convenient to all to view. Town this small, but very beautiful. Foundation of the city dates back to 1274 Castle, around which the city grew, was built in the mid-13th century aristocratic dynasty Vitkovich.

The castle of Cesky Krumlov, which is the second largest after Prague Castle, consists of five courtyards and a large park. In the castle are also large collections of Baroque art and Renaissance. The city still worth a look Gothic Church of St.. Vita and Corpus Christi, the Renaissance town hall and college of Jesuits. Who established a beauty Krumlov, tasty lunch in the restaurant "U Schweik" (a network across the Czech Republic), we went back to Prague. I really wanted to dignity to the last Czech evening. May 15 9:00 left in the direction of Brno. Made a stop there. What can I say? In principle, cute. Center is not bad. But the effect that it is still an industrial city. If you hurry, bully is not necessary, although we have not regretted that were noted in this place. The most impressive thing – this is St. Peter and Paul. The truth will have to walk up the hill, but once you're here – do not be lazy.