Study of THEOLOGY: (SUBSTANCE 02) DOCTRINE OF GOD (1 part) During all the existence of the humanity the man comes trying to understand the God. To put by means of its disclosed Word is that we can have ampler and next knowledge on God. Although the nature is creation of God, for it we know that God exists is creative of all the things, but cannot know the character of God. But for the Holy script that is Its disclosed Word, we can in such a way understand the character of God as well as its intentions. We go to see below some conclusions that studious and until philosophers had defined on God.

It has varies definitions of God according to concepts of the men, to put many correctly are not explained by not having the Bible as the principal source of the information. Plato even so has described God with some rightnesss, did not arrive to know it as the Holy Writ teaches. The Definition of the Philosophy of Plato is accepted in part, therefore God is the author of everything, or for It everything had begins, as well as it is the way and end. I am the Alpha and the Omega, the principle and the end, first and the last one. Apocalypse 22:13 God is the Supreme mind as well as is the supreme reason, It is the cause of the efficiency of all the things: being Perpetual, invariant, onisciente, onipotente, onipresente. It has the control of everything, being just, and good It is absolute in perfection being it Proper Truth. In it is the perfect Law, being originador it of all Beauty and Order, It is the Proper one Well. ) In the Bible we can define God in the following expressions ' ' God is Esprito' ' Jo.4: 24 and ' ' God is Light (ITm.6: 16) ' ' IJo.1: 5, these are expressions of the essential nature of God, and the expression of Its personality is ' ' God is amor' ' (IJo.4: 7).