During the night of 30 July 198 …, Vespasian Spleen had a dream. In a solitary place he heard the strange name of Zeno of Elea. Then, under the shade of a crowd of passing clouds, felt the irresistible desire to jump. He did. Fell with speed. Nothing could be seen while immersed in this downturn. Suddenly, the name again reverberated with geological slowness.

Thus, the fall never came to an end and when they had become accustomed to the endless attraction effect of gravity, a ray of light, a heat wave and the barking of a dog, brought him back to wakefulness. Sitting in bed revived the dream. He recalled a physics class. The fallacy of pluraridad first and then of the impossibility of motion proposed by the Greek dream suggested by their activities. Experienced the second as he fell into darkness. Now imagine that this was not such an interminable descent but a perpetual immobility, an infinite inertia. However, no contribution to its existence made this argument. Fall without end, never find a fund, find explanation in the psychological field, but not in the complex dialectic of philosophy.

The next day was July 31. Nearly one in the afternoon of that vanished and Saturday, watching television with his usual nonchalance. A sports program highlighting recent results and achievements of struggling competitors. Not long before, a documentary about ants in the Amazon had caused a nearby heavy lethargy. Suddenly he stopped programming. Acute presaged a strong signal pulses.