Thinking how your home or apartment, we strive to make it original, not like the others, as appropriate to our tastes and predilections. But if the design of walls, ceilings, floor must use ready-made finishing materials, the choice of furnishings is not limited to conventional models. True connoisseurs of luxury items are often selected designer furniture, manufactured by individual project. It is believed that such decisions are made by owners of large apartments and country houses. However, sometimes the furniture made to order, it is a great opportunity to beat the living space is tastefully small size or non-standard layout, make it cozy rooms, stylish and functional.

Furniture made by a specific author, has his "face", and every expert is usually easily recognizable. This contribute to the materials used for production, special colors, shape, or just a theme chosen for the design details. As a result of author's furniture became an independent interior decoration, giving it a uniqueness. The company's designers strive to create products LETO with which each room could find the individuality. Wall panels, home furniture, wall and floor mirrors, designer watches, vases, boxes and other accessories for the interior of their outstanding performance, original design and create the impression of really expensive gourmet items. But particularly noteworthy designer furniture, which in combination with other decorative items can get a spectacular harmonious atmosphere in the apartments and private homes. Excellent opportunity to make housing a comfortable and stylish is a collection of "Thumbelina" includes both functional pieces of furniture and interior decoration.