According to her, three hundred languages documented in North America, in the mid-this decade only a dozen will survive. The continents where the threat is greatest are Oceania and America, and in Brazil, 190 languages are endangered, in Mexico 144, Colombia 68 and 62 Peru. The disappearance of languages is increasingly more accelerated, complained Haboud, which attributed to globalization, because villages that were previously isolated are now practically living in all the modernity, so overwhelming. More than external pressures to impose a language, communities often leave their own language due to a desire to integrate into mainstream society and have better economic prospects, according to experts. Many times people don’t realize the value of the indigenous language, because he thinks that it is somewhat delayed in a modern world, explained Mithun. However, leave behind entails a loss of identity, according to the linguist, who emphasized that the solution is for the new generation to learn both languages. Children mohawk who know English and mohawk are much more successful in both worlds, do not have an antagonistic stance toward foreign culture, explained Mithun, who emphasized that according to numerous studies the bilingualism improves the performance of students in all subjects, not only in languages. Such a strategy is that also follow the indigenous achuar in Ecuador, according to Sumpinanch Celestino Aij Tuntuam, teacher of 27 years of the Amazon community of Kupit.

We maintain, valuing culture and tradition, clothing, we speak Spanish, but we don’t forget achuar, said in Quito Jia Tuntuam, who was dressed with a headdress with feathers and a large necklace, and wore the face painted with black feline mode lines. All residents in your community speak achuar, Spanish half and a 20% shuar, explained. There are only 2,500 speakers of achuar and shuar 35,000 in all Ecuador. A language can disappear very, very quickly. One might think that there are a lot of speakers, but they are all the same age, and There comes a time that is lost, and when you lose there is no way to recover it, he warned Mithun. Source of the news: more than 2,500 indigenous languages are in danger of disappearing because of globalization