Ahead of as many questionings I am asking itself would not be better to call them bad behavior? III. Differences between doctrine and custom. It has for the little three basic differences between Biblical doctrine and purely human custom. The Biblical doctrine leads the good customs. How much to the origin. The doctrine is divine? The custom is human How much to the reach. The doctrine is divine? The custom is local How much to the time. The doctrine is invariant? The custom is temporary the Biblical doctrine generates good customs, but good customs do not generate Biblical doctrine.

Churches have that they have one somatrio immense of good customs, but almost nothing of doctrine. This is very dangerous! Its members are shipwrecked with easiness for not having the ballast spiritual of the word. Conclusion I am not here for judging church that emphasizes in surplus the customs and leaves the Bible relegated in second plain, and nor I am saying on behalf of congregation none. But I have the right to disagree with this type of behavior for not having base in the word of God. It looks at the difference of the doctrine and customs and takes off your proper conclusion. to lock up I question one more time, why to be private to use and to carry through certain things you lead for them responsible for the internal regulation of the church when nor the Bible condemns for not being sin, in the truth this and for yoke weighed for the Christians, and to make it difficult more the salvation a time that the proper word speaks that and with difficulty that just if saved.