Surely, everyone was once the clothes with ornaments depicting funny deer, zigzags and geometric shapes snowflakes. These cozy sweaters, jackets, hats and scarves do not want to leave, they were such warm and comfortable. And here are two great news: the first – they are again at the peak of popularity, and the second – for the winter, this women’s wholesale clothing will be available in most brands. Designers returned Scandinavian ethnic motifs into vogue. In fashion collections in many different ways there are models with a characteristic pattern: from dresses to coats and gaiters. The world-famous brand D & G introduced a new vision of familiar and favorite things of all.

On the podium could be see three-dimensional wool coats, sweaters with a belt, overalls, scarves with pom-poms, dresses and leggings with big snowflakes and graphic mountain peaks in the gray, white, brown, red, purple, blue and black color scheme. Designers have presented a model to suit every taste – from sexy tight mini-dresses and sweaters, tight-fitting to the bulk of scarves and hats with big pom-poms and strings with tassels. But the emphasis is on forms of depth – it was large fashions associated with the comfort and warmth. Looking at the gorgeous dresses with sleeves to the elbow length, long jackets and coats with wide collar, into which you can wrap, you see yourself in the ski resort with a cup of hot punch. And a lot of snow around! But do not necessarily go where the snow – this dress looks great in the urban landscape. This cozy, the trend is universal – it is compatible with almost any style and appropriate in any environment, be it an office or a friendly party. Skinny sweater can be worn with a skirt or trousers, business, long dress with pockets can be worn alone or with narrow pants, wide cardigan – with monotonous thin pullover jersey or shirt, suit coat to the volume straight pants and boots with heels, a short jacket – jeans or corduroy pants. Hats and scarves can be worn in jeans and leather jackets. K Moreover, contrasting two-tone scale lets you carry Scandinavian ethnics with all that much. You have not yet purchased these wonderful models? In the warehouses of clothes is already a complete range!