It has become very fashionable to combine with the scent design bikini biottatuazhem, which allows for more complex drawings and stress pattern of sex-hair. The main stage bikini scent design – the choice pattern. Offers a directory with lots of options. Based on body shape, thickness and length of hair in that area, the master will select the optimal model of intimate haircut. Recently, this service so rapidly, that intimate hair may well be divided into 'everyday' and 'evening'. By the time the procedure takes 1 to 2 hours. And its value is determined depending on the complexity involved and hair decorations.

How to choose and make cut at an intimate location? Woman was created by nature an elegant, refined, but at the same time with great potential of mind and physical strength. Wherever it was and in what century did not live, its motto is "always be on top." 21 no exception, and today's beauticians, makeup artists and fashion designers offer a modern lady finest ways to emphasize their individuality. Bikini scent design – one of these methods, to translate their creative ideas on the most intimate places of lovely women. Art for the stylish, bold and sexy personalities. Manicure, pedicure, hair on his head, makeup and … intimate haircut, is not the perfect image? Intimate hairstyles originate since ancient times. Women of Egypt, for example, do different patterns in intimate places with henna. But the Romans already used coloring hair on the pubic part. In Europe, the intimate scent design has gained popularity in the 20-90s, with the advent of fashion on a "mini-bikini" and nudist beaches.