One of the most familiar passages of Eddad prosaic, the largest source of legend Nordic / Norse mythology, is the meeting between Thor, Loki and the servant who accompanied them, named Pjalfi, with the giant Utgarda-Loki (not to be confused with Loki Lord of Lies) and the challenges they propose. Pjalfi joined Thor and Loki as payment to the damage caused to one of the horses pulling the chariot of Thor. The God of Thunder had the ability to restore life to animals, and often ate their own draft animals, collected his bones and returned them to life the next day. But as fate would break Pjalfi that time one of the freshly cooked animal bones, and when Thor gave him back to life the animal was injured. Thus, as mentioned above, the payment of Pjalfi was to become the servant of God.

The three, Thor, Loki and reach the castle Pjalfi Utgarda-giant Loki, who receives and leads to a room where you start the challenges. A unique challenges because they are the guests who proposed the tests. The first to accept this challenge is Loki, who claims to eat faster than anyone. The giant goes to the challenge of Loki Logi, who eats the food, bones and even the wooden tray where the food served at an incredible pace, defeating Loki. The second part is Pjalfi, who claims to be very fast. The king invites the challenge to Hugi, who doubled in speed to the young. Finally, it presents Thor.

Thirsty as I was, said to be able to drink more than anyone. The king offered as a horn, and tells the god Odin’s son who had drank the entire contents of the horn in one gulp. Thor drinks and drinks and yet despite their efforts, just get the fluid level drops a little. The giant king confesses his dissatisfaction, as he had been assured that Thor had no rival in any deed, and offers something different: he asks her to lift floor jack. Thor tries using all his strength, but only manages to move the animal. Then the giant said to try win in combat an old woman who had already defeated many warriors, and Thor, after presenting the battle, you lose. After overnight travelers are willing to go. The giant that brings you to the exit. Then he confesses that Thor was afraid to his power, and says he need not feel ashamed, as he he used magic tricks to defeat them, the Thor drank horn was connected to the oceans, and when he drank it lowered the level of the oceans and tides began. The cat was the serpent Asgard around the world and got the mighty god lift it into the air. And the old lady was really Death, who had defeated countless warriors. Loki also challenges and Pjalfi were illusions, as Logi was a representation of all-devouring fire, and Hugi the fast, was actually thinking.