The first thing you think is that I’ve gone crazy. How is it possible to write a book without writing?That phrase does not even make sense! Consider for a moment that you had a magic wand and make it possible to write a book without having to go through the long and painful process of sit front of a blade blank and begin to develop ideas and content. Imagine that the only thing you have to do is choose a theme, think about what you want transmit or teach readers and voila!, the book is ready to be sold. Now I’m going to reveal the secret of how to write hundreds of valuable, interesting and full of content books without writing them. The first thing you have to do is choose a theme. Tries that they interest you and attract attention, especially with topics that are salable. Looking for the latest in bookstores, look what is fashionable in television, newspapers and the Internet, and choose a topic that is on the crest of the wave media, so that you can take advantage of all the free publicity on the topic. Then enter to and put key words.

Suppose that you have chosen the topic of global warming. You can put words and phrases such as global warming, climate change, melting poles, greenhouse, etc. Collects all the articles as you can and copy them into a word processor along with the source where you get it and the author data, especially for contact details. And here comes the big secret: choose the best gun a book with them. Sort by topic and uses the title of each as subtitles. Organize them in a logical and easy to read way.

Respect copyrights: send an e-mail to each of the authors and explain what you want to do. Tell them that you mencionaras your name and your Web site in your book. Get emphasized the opportunity for traffic and exposure for themselves and your site. More than 70% of them will be happy to. Which does not answer or deny you authorisation simply remove their items from your book. When you have enough articles ends organize content and is already! If you doubt about whether this method works or not go to your local bookstore and wondered how many books they have sold Hot Chocolate or chicken soup. The method is the same, only that they used cards. After all if you will have to write something: the index, the introduction and conclusion. Ah, clear, and letters of gratitude to the authors!