It's time to choose flooring, but at the sight of all the options run up the eyes? You should not grab the first thing that comes to hand, pleased the eye, or simply attracted price. Each floor has its own advantages and deficiencies that must be considered that would not stay disappointed. In this article we will cover such as laminate flooring, floor tile, linoleum and carpet. Laminate Laminated cover is quite popular and in great demand. This is not surprising. Laminate flooring is made from natural ingredients and without adding any harmful impurities. Because of this, it is very environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic material. Virtually all mechanical damage laminate is not afraid because of the resin bed, which he covered at the factory.

Laminate does not fade in the sun and it is very easy to clean. But there are also negative laminate side. For example, it adversely affect long-term contact with water. In addition, it is very noisy stuff – in the fall of an object at him, heard a very loud sound. Erection and dismantling of the castle is a laminate simple. These laminated panels are connected by grooves and spikes, and as he placed a short distance from the walls, which allows to install and remove it easily and without damage to the wallpaper. The adhesive is a laminate, combined with with a special adhesive, which complicates its styling and disassembly. Floor tile floor tile is most often put in the bathroom and toilet.

It is very easy to tolerate prolonged contact with water and does not require much effort in cleaning. On the market now represents a huge range of flowers and ornamental tiles, that can create their own individual, unique design. Floor tiles are not subjected to burning or melting, and it does not stick dust. The main drawback is the bad tiles thermal conductivity.