Within the life of the people is very common the presence of some animals, which have become almost as essential within many societies, such as with cows, of one form or another every day having to resort to this animal to get different accessories from the power supply, since the activity of cattle allows part of giving economic development by various characteristics, access to food of quality and good taste. Mainly in the majority of societies is known only to cows by the fact that we know that this animal food for daily consumption, are extracted such as is meat and milk along with derivatives that can be achieved on the basis of this such as the butter and cheese mainly, in addition also makes use of its skin as a byproduct that accommodates to the leather and the rear realization of different articles with this material, however when speaking of cows may include other different aspects of the products removed from cows. The origin of the cows, is not really something very true, so you have woven various hypotheses or theories in relation to the cows, but of one form or another can be summed up in 2 different explanations: the current cattle descended only from the primitive, which gave the Brachyceros and after this all modern breeds were given. Different groups of Uros prehistory evolved in a parallel manner, which resulted in 2 groups, of which the rest of current cattle breeds originated. Cows are animals that they have mostly been domesticated, they belong to the Group of the bovids, are mammals, vertebrates and ungulates, which means that they are supported and walk on the toes, which in the case of cows should be said more properly hooves.

The group to which belong the cows is Bos Taurus, which pose no hump, as if it happens with other types of cattle. Speaking of cows, reference is made to a ruminant animal, also thanks to various bodily characteristics, the cows consume certain foods that humans could never Digest, as It happens with grass, hay, straw and stubble. Arriving at an adult stage cows are able to develop 4 stomachs, i.e. a full and very developed gastric system, which give scope for different food processing activities, so the cows are the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum and abomasum, so between the 4 stomachs performed the task of digesting food and process them both for food and milk processing. At the stage of calves, i.e. the offspring of little time to live, they only have the abomasum, which are only able to consume breast milk, therefore not yet has the characteristic of being ruminants, then with the passage of time, when they reach approximately 3 months, I have developed the 4 stomachs, which allows the consumption of different pastures and food products such as forages and grainswhich places them in the Group of ruminants.