I have already began to forget how my friend looks "alive". *** The reason for writing this article was deeply shocked the situation in the life of our family. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Mayor of New York City. Sculpting another "netlenku" on the same topic (and I am a professional writer, writing diplomas – coursework, essays), I suddenly heard strange noises emanating from his daughter's room. Impression that the little girl included handset on the speaker-phone, and instead of music bugged the busy tone disconnection. I was then alerted a male voice, who was distributing in parallel with the voice of my daughter.

In the room she had one, I knew exactly. At Ian Sinclair you will find additional information. The handset was on the spot. *** Knocked on the door, I walked into his daughter's room. Imagine my surprise when it turned out that my child communicates through a program Skype internet conference with a sibling and another friend. Son for this was in six or seven steps away from her daughter in another room, and is also keen to broadcast on the web cam. All the arguments that is easier to talk to each other live, passed by the children. My offspring "Proglumivshis over " (the word son) ancestor, did not even pay attention to me, continuing to "connect" in the conference. *** No, I have nothing against modern communication tools, online conferences, programs, allow to carry out long-held dream of science fiction on video-telephony (soon will probably be in the amount of the effect ). However, when the daughter said to me: "Dad, do not try to go into my room naked!" – Naturally, I immediately "Looked at the light." Further dialogue was like a conversation with a deaf-blind: – This is where, interestingly, I came to see you naked? – Yes