MEANING THAT THE SCORN IS SINNED BECAUSE WHENEVER WE SINNED WHAT WE DO IT IS TO LET FIRSTLY REIGN THE SCORN TO GOD AND NEXT TO OUR PAIR, OR WHICH GOD IS PROVEIDO FOR US. WHEN YOU DESPISE TO HIS PAIR ONLY IS LIKE A FOOL. Proverbs 11, 12: The one that lacks understanding despises its fellow; but the prudent man is silent. However, the opposite to despise is to appreciate, to value, to give honour, to give honor. Certainly wanting of God is that better we give honour Him and that we appreciate, values and gives honor to our pair. 1Tesalonisenses 4, 4: that each of you knows to have its own wife in sanctity and honor In order to have his wife in sanctity you require to make feel it loved, to respect it, to listen to it, to think first about her that in same you, to give importance to his opinions, to give time of quality, to say to him beautiful things, to be to him faithful and so many other things him, because not to do it are to exhibit you and to expose it to her to the sin. To have it in honor is to give that honor him daily, to have it in an important seat of honor in its life, after God.

1Pedro 3, 7: Of equal way, you spouses, are comprehensive in his conjugal life, dealing each to his wife with respect, since as woman is more delicate, and both are inheriting of the pleasing gift of the life. Thus nothing will hinder the orations of you . To God it dislikes to him that you walk every short while that way despising the beings who the mistress, by whom He died and one of them is indeed its spouse.