Good, and inhalation of garlic. Garlic crushed in a well-placed heated kettle, attached to the horn teapot spout paper and breathe alternately different nostrils and mouth. If all this does not work – begin to use nose drops for free breathing. Prevention is better if the rainy season had not yet put him in your bed zagotovte in this case the right remedy – pepper vodka: a bottle of vodka after 3-4 bitter pepper and allow to stand for at least a week or two. And if necessary – if wet feet were freezing, or just – carefully rub the foot of the tincture, put on warm socks and – in bed.

Complete without a cold. To prevent the occurrence of common cold diseases, it is necessary, firstly, to strengthen your immune system. It's no secret that the sharp respiratory viral infections occur more often in people with lowered immunity. And how he – a good immune system in our time working person. Especially if you sit in an office every day at the computer, even drinking tea next to him. And after working only a home for the rest do not have neither the strength nor the time.

Because not enough, that is not scheduled walks, pool, skiing, mushroom, lake. Young people are in favor discos, cafes, clubs, and sleepless nights. Without air, without the sun. Where good immunity? To correct the situation is never too late. Breathe fresh air as much as possible. Drink courses vitamins, juices, fresh is better, especially in the offseason. Engage in at least the minimum hardening – after bath spray the cold water, do not be afraid to walk barefoot, keep the window open and constantly at home and at work. Eliminate drafts. Especially useful for sleeping outdoors. Remarkably quenched swimming in the pool, strengthens the immune visit bathhouses, saunas. In the autumn increase the use of onions, garlic, vegetables – cabbage, carrots, beets. Is well known to prepare for a long winter of the Urals blend superpoleznaya chopped walnuts, dried apricots, raisins and lemon in equal parts of honey. Eat a spoonful of mixture per day. Diseases move away. The second rule preventing SARS – always avoid contact with sick. Do not be shy tell the patient the employee – "Go home and get well!". In transport, go to the other end of the cabin or even get off at the stop next to you if someone sneezes and coughs. In Japan, do not hesitate to wear masks even in the streets to avoid contamination during the rise of catarrhal diseases. In Chelyabinsk, invented the original mask, which not only protect against infection, but do not give a supercool – maintain an optimum temperature during respiration even in extreme cold. It is necessary to be reserved in advance for this medium. Now you know – they do not catch cold. Good luck! Ludmila Pavlova