In the Modern Age, the world that was if forming it was total different of that one of Plato, with new questions, new facts, new formularizations, but with a similarity: science, saved its singular differences of author pra author, was always in search of laws and rules that would interpret the events of likely form. In these terms, following a ticket of the text ' ' The method as question in the research with scienter cientfica' ' , we can see that ' ' Bacon and Discardings are responsible for approaches that they search to give to account of all a new predisposition of the man in relation to nature, itself exactly and to social' ' (Kings). This new disposal of which if it speaks mentions the transformations of the social phenomena in the new world, and the objective of the man to apprehend everything this of systematic form. In other words, the Bacon idea, transmitted through its phrase ' ' To know is poder' ' , it is the maximum necessity of the man in knowing the nature to be able to manipulate it; that is, the prxis human being already are placed in Bacon, and the citizen is total rank to understand and to interpret the world, dominating the nature, and appearing as the being rational, capable to reign on the world. is in these parameters that the idea of the method will appear with bigger force, since the necessity of if establishing general and correctly interpretable laws in science so that if it arrives at the truths of the facts of correct form are total gifts and act of vital forms. More still, ' ' the method appears here as the differentiation between the scientific knowledge and any another type of conhecimento' ' (Kings). Following an important idea in the text ' ' Social sciences and tradio' ' , for Bacon, having in its head the tranformaes of the world, ' ' the method of Aristotle already if made limited, would not be adjusted to the search of the truth. .