To focus us in the composition of the design gives to major criterion mobility us from a beginning, doing that advances to good rate in the first stages of development of the project. It looks for the consistency from a beginning The lack of definition of a style of design in particular for your project, generally ends at the formation of doubts and crossroads when the design is a half work, is for that reason that a form to anticipate possible later delays in the project, is to define before nothing the conceptual line of the diverse components that integrated the design. The consistency is obtained defining the tones of primary colors, proportions of the objects, selection of the typography, iconographic design, style of illustrations to use, system of wireframes, etc. The keys are to realise the possible nearest definition in the style of final design that it looks for. You are not scared to return to begin Often the decision to reject a line of design and to begin another one, ends up becoming the flexion point that gives but fluidity him to our work. We do not have to fear to him to begin again, must be within our considerations. Insofar as we are sure that the line of design that we took is the wished one, we will manage to evolve to a very fluid rate and productive, the doubts lower that rate and they bottle to us in trivial decisions. You do not underestimate the short cuts of the keyboard The use of ctrl + c and ctrl + v has only saved us hundreds of seconds of work, now imagines the time that you can save in the development of its designs using the other short cuts of keyboard (hotkeys) applicable to your software.