Rest in Sevastopol – this is one of the best options for leisure, who now chooses more and more people, both Ukraine and Russia. If the first is the least costly in financial terms of leisure options, then secondly – opportunity to visit the legendary hero city. Now the city of Sevastopol offers lovers of history and tours of more than 500 attractions. First place in this list is Monument to the Scuttled ships. He represents a high tower, which is located in the sea off the promenade in the immediate vicinity of Seaside. It is crowned by a bronze eagle, holding in its beak a wreath of laurel leaves.

On a stone foundation attached brass plaque with the inscription 'In memory of ships sunk in 1854-1855. barriers to entry in the raid. " Panorama Defence of Sevastopol – one of the great masterpieces of the city's heritage. It shows us feat of the defenders of Sevastopol during the siege of the city during the Crimean War. The area of the panorama is 1610 square meters. m (14 m x 115 m). Watch this panorama was made possible May 14, 1905.

Currently, in several rooms of the museum you can obtain detailed information about the heroes who were directly involved in those battles. Besides, climbing the spiral staircase, you can most detailed way to view each piece of this panorama. This object of pride of the city is very popular among tourists and history buffs. More to the number of significant monuments of the history of Sevastopol include Diorama Sapun Mountain Assault. On a painting displayed scene most fierce battle for the city of Sevastopol, which was attended by Ukrainian Front and the army troops Hitler's Germany. However, not only the history of the town attracts many thousands of visitors. Rest in Sebastopol perfectly complement the soft coastal climate and beautiful beaches.