The 27-23 with that it was arrived at the rest, far from to be determining by the difference, was a good augury by the fluidity of the last plays and by the high level dnsivo that one stayed in any circumstance. The third lack of the giant of two meters Letona Zane Tamane also was important in these minutes. With the same estatus of great party, that is to say, dnsa Spanish and problems in attack, was Laia Palau the detonating of the improvement of the selection thanks to its intensity and to the seven offensive bounces that obtained facilitating second and third options and that the marker began to reflect interesting advantages. The ten points of difference did not arrive until minute 29, 44-34, and they stayed until the end, 46-36. Spain was beginning to believe in its possibilities, their work, its tenacity and his dnsa. Forts back and running to the smaller opportunity, the players of Jose Ignacio Hernandez laid the foundations as important victory minute by minute as necessary.

With the 50-37 for want of nine minutes of party, Spain tried to extend its possessions in attack. Marta Xargay became esguince of ankle and Latvia sounded the alarm when seeing that the victory escaped to him. The selection knew to hold the shower and took advantage of his opportunities obtaining a 58-44 for want of five minutes for the end, playing rest of the time with the advantage in the marker to seal the victory by 66-57, determinant for its future in the hope of disputing against the Croatia the last encounter of this second phase. – List of credits: 66 – Spain (13+14+19+20): Palau (10), Torrens (11), Montaana (16), Aguilar (7), Lyttle (16) – five initial, Lima, Domnguez, Passover (2), Xargay (4) and Cross. 57 – Latvia (10+13+13+21): Babkina (17), Niedola, Tamane (11), Basko (8), Kublina (12) – five initial, Eglite (1), Jansone (5), Priede, Putnina (1), Nimane, Karklina (2) and Jacobsone. Incidences: Party corresponding to the second day of the second phase of the feminine championship of disputed Europe in the room Spodek de Katowice (Poland) before about five hundred spectators. Source of the news: Spain wins to Latvia and follows with options in the Eurobasket