Melilla raises and the participation is of a 44.64% against 41.16% in 2007 (to the 14,00 hours it was of a 29.77%, whereas in 2007 to that hour it had been of a 28.39%). Low slightly the participation in Madrid, whose percentage is of a 50.07%, whereas in 2007 it had been of a 50.96% (14,00 h had raised, the participation was of a 34.49%, against 34.09%). In Navarre, with a 53.30% (39.03% to 14,00) of participation, it has lowered slightly in comparison with 2007, when a 58.64% (to 14,00 in 2007, a 40.53%) of the voters had already voted. In the Valencian Community it has also increased the participation. To 18,00 h had voted a 54.94% of the voters against 54.71% in 2007 (to 14,00 h was a 42.09% against 41.69%). Also the participation has raised in Extremadura, arriving at 57.80% against 57.98% (43.77%, against 41.28% in 2007). Galicia, community in which it only vows for the policemen, has seen increase the level of participation, arriving to add a 52.51% against 48.71% that it obtained to 18,00 h in 2007 (to 14,00 h, the participation were of a 34.64% of votes against 29.74% in the first advance of 2007). In the Balearic Islands participation has not varied much with respect to 2007, registering a 46.13% against 46.72% in 2007.

To 14,00 h, the percentage were of a 34.36% against 34.44% in the past elections. In La Rioja, a 55.51% (a 41.25% to 14,00) of the voters went to vote during this Sunday, a percentage inferior to the one of four years ago, when 56.81% of the voters went (41.94% in 2007 to the 14,00 hours). The participation in the municipal elections in the Basque Country was of past 35.23% the 14,00 hours, 0.45 more than in the previous celebrated local elections in 2007, according to the first balance of participation spread by the Ministry of Interior. In the Principality of Asturias, 51.28% of the voters of the elections that are celebrated this Sunday had exerted their right to the vote, against 46.50% that voted in 2007. To the 14,00 hours, 34.98% of the voters had voted, whereas to that same hour in the elections of four years ago it had done 32.88%. The index of participation in autonomic elections of Murcia have reached 52.27% to the 18,00 hours, which supposes 0.73 tenth inferior to the registered one in the elections of 2007 to the same hour (53.00%), according to the data of the provisional advance facilitated by the spokeswoman of the regional Government, Maria Pedro Reverte, in press conference. To 14,00 h, the participation were of a 39.08%, according to the electoral Web of the Independent Community. This participation is slightly inferior to the one of the autonomic elections of 2007, that to that hour were of 39.54%. A total of 1.010.063 citizens is called this Sunday to the ballot boxes in the autonomic elections to the Regional Assembly and the 45 municipalities of the Region, that will be able to exert their right to the suffrage in 1.627 electoral tables.