In recent years, the Turks have received a big boost in tourists and, therefore, decided to raise the cost of all travel services. Therefore, the time of cheap and quality holidays in Turkey, unfortunately irretrievably gone. So what all the same different holiday in Thailand? First, calculate the cost of the holiday. Insurance – $ 15, hotel accommodation 4 * star – from $ 40 per day, International flight (direct or indirect) – $ 640-850 a transfer to Pattaya – 15 cu. Total cost of the 10-day tour to Thailand will be – $ 870, subject to double occupancy.

The cost of this tour for two people will be in 1740 dollars. Agree, the price is very reasonable. So decide where to go. Thailand – is tiring flight, lack of nutrition program is all inclusive, you say. But believe me, at least once in your life is worth visiting in Thailand, and then, you no doubt will prove to be a hostage of local beauties and come back here again and again. Unique exotic nature, buyout you will not see anywhere else, the friendliness and kindness of local people, the atmosphere of fairy-charuschey Asia, in a word, 'Thailand – Land of Smiles'. Palm trees and ocean breeze, the spirit freedom, Thai cuisine, Go-Go bars, exotic fruits, seafood unseen, hundreds of small streets, soybeans, the aroma of spices, water markets real Thai boxing – all Thailand! Here you can dine in the range of 10-15 dollars preferences satisfying the most avid gourmet – a huge choice of restaurants with various cuisines of all the peoples of the world, makes this possible as nowhere else. So that put a bold plus another in the 'for' this holiday.

Especial popular holiday islands of Thailand – Koh Chang, Krabi, Phuket, Samet, Koh Phi Phi Koh Samui. In any of these sites, you will forget about all their affairs and enjoy the beautiful unspoiled nature. In this case, you can order a joint tour on several islands and resorts. For example, Phuket – Krabi, Pattaya – Koh Chang Phuket – Phi Phi, etc. In order that you would have a better understanding of these islands look the movie 'Beach' with Leonardo DiCaprio in the title role – he was shot once time in these islands. In addition to rest directly on the territory of Thailand, right from the resort town of Pattaya, you can go in, for example, Cambodia, to meet Khmer culture and traditions of this country. You will get access to cities such as Siem Reap, as well as sama large temple complex in the world – Angko Wat, protected by UNESCO, and existent architectural wonder of the world. Also from Thailand without any problems, you can go on a trip to Vietnam or Laos, but these countries are no less interesting and rich in its sights and cultural traditions. It is possible to visit the River Kwai, which is located in northern Thailand – a place of historical significance which filmed the movie got seven Oscar film awards 'Bridge over the River Kwai'. Tours with an alloy on the river in some life jackets certainly enough Extreme fun but totally safe so suitable for both men and women who want to diversify the rest. What is there to add? Everyone will find a pleasure to taste at the phloem of the resorts in Thailand without labor.