This was judged by the worth of transparency and reflection of the corporate site. I sometimes bring to the seizure of the brain by the fact that the company feels confident steep, and has a very ugly site, where information is captured only partially, and it seems that the sites in Russia created on the principle: 'that was'! So again and again corporate websites of Russian companies deemed the worst in Europe, according to a survey conducted in 16 countries of the continent by H & H Webranking source of this fact is taken from the site News There was a time when our company has made over 5,000 cold calls for creating a website. And I was led into a feeling of collapse response of potential customers who said, 'We do not need a site like us and without him good ', otherwise setting forth:' Haha us 10 million, when we are happy to 1 million – we do not need much. " This proposition is prevalent bias in need of a corporate site. This suggests the conclusion, which consists of 5 points, that: such companies live for today, delivering a great deal of pleasure, reaping the benefits of routine work, do not believe in the profitability of the Internet site, Agoraphobia, this fear is often caused by lack of literacy introduction biznesa.Ne disappointed once and been deceived by the representatives of services to create sayta.Biznes-meeting in your office, if it comes to negotiations, without signing any documents, why should mimic the importance of meeting personally, when most of the negotiations can be conducted via conference, for example, through the service provided skype.Soversheniya transactions; When you take all the necessary negotiations remained the case for small, or rather the signing of the documents and print them stitched, then it does not mean your travel to the client for a personal document transfer and integrity handshake.