Finishing works are the final stage of the building. They are conducted after the completion of all construction works on a prepared surface finish. Finishing work, or as they are called, finish include: painter, wallpaper, plaster trim and lining. To achieve quality results must follow some specific requirements: All surfaces should be cleaned of dust and dirt, grease and traces of oil removed, irregularities are smoothed, and polished zashpatlevany if necessary. For porous surfaces need equalization solutions based on plaster or cement, if the defects are small, suitable polymer solution or plaster without a filler.

To get rid of large defects in order to avoid cracks in the future, should be diluted with a solution of gypsum sand. Putty – a thick viscous mass, smoothing the surface by filling the small pores. Applied before painting or wallpapering. Coating adhesion to the substrate and corrosion protection (for metals) will provide a primer. It can be prepared from the varnishes or colors of the stamps, which will be made decoration, by dilution with water. There are several options for finishing coats, the choice of which must rely on the functionality of the room in which are finishing work. The right choice – is the key not only to aesthetic appearance, but also the sustainability of the service life of any repair material.