Planning is very important, if we are to achieve our objectives in the most organized way possible and in the time that we need it, planning is a key factor. But, what happens when our projects and goals become only planning? Planning without action leads to dreams and illusions, only if we really want our initiatives succeed, planning must go hand in hand with action. Our actions will depend on our results and hence the achievement of our objectives. When the action coupled with a good plan, it becomes much easier to perform. In addition to be acting according to the plan, we see that it can improve in this and in the process learn from our mistakes and our successes. So the action is the experimental way of implementing our plans and so we check in reality that these are suitable. An error that we commit many is to idealize our plans.

Many times these seem to be so well made and look so complete that it frightens us start acting for that do not want find that it has errors, or we don’t want to change them. Instead of taking this attitude is best to be flexible in our plans and find the way to complete them with action, there will never be a perfect plan, there will always be a chance to improve it. Our plans affect our actions and our actions affect our plans, therefore it is important to maintain a balance where both are complementary; in this way we can be more effective to reaching our goals and objectives. As the title of the article says, if the planning is not converted into shares this will be only words that do not lead us to complete our goals. When planning is converted into shares, it will be our best tool to achieve what we want.