But you are crazy home, you know that weeds were policy that the boy. They can kill also you. JOO; – But what that you wanted? Deix the boy without justice, an innocent? DOLORES: – And what that people can faz? She says me? In this world by chance has poor justice pra? Only if f of God. It is I say what you, better delivery pra God, always has of I existed a justice. JOO: – He always has yourself of fight. Is always had of enfrent the injustice, seno as we go viv? Underneath of the yoke of home each humiliated time more? They had killed this son ours, go bush others. Injustice always has you, but always havemo of fight, seno the life not valley you are welcome. DOLORES: – Good, our life in a valley you are welcome memo.

It is minimum life, life you are welcome. But you alembra that we still have other son pra cuid. There, my God, I have memo that sofr, until my name already is Dolores. Ours Lady suffered, but now you back in the sky reigning, ordering and repealing an order to the side of Ours Sir, son of it. JOO: – In one you precupa. He leaves me to go walking. Necessary of trabalh why already I satiated two day.

One with that birth certificate history that I finished in one obtaining nothing, others two with the death it boy Celso, our son, and the master is well capable there me boot in the street. DOLORES: – This week will be that you go receb some money? JOO: (Leaving) – But when already! You having the everything in the canteen of the firm. Everything is more expensive there, but people have that if assujeit. V sees if they prepare me for the meno one kilo of flour.