The man initially, as being curious, interested in history. And no matter whose it is history. The history of man, state, and perhaps the entire world. After all, look back, learn from mistakes ancestors, get the lessons of failure and downs, to analyze the situation in the present – oh, how it may be necessary. Where else would take the advice, if not from history.

The past does not change, as do not try, but the present and, moreover, future, until it became the past, people change able. Well, finally, to rejoice, become proud of their ancestors. Feel like a successor to the great manners and customs, understand the patterns of the transformation of ideas into material things and actions, recognize their involvement in the what is happening in the present and responsibility to their descendants. All this gives the story is constantly proving its necessity, not only in scientific circles, but also in everyday affairs, home. History is not just showed its cyclicity. The only difference in time and characters.

But the events of a repeat. And repeat with enviable regularity. One can not say that history does not show us the times, such as the collapse of a single the state into separate and independent territory? It is impossible. It was such already. Or, for example, attempts to expand the Russian state from the countries of Europe? Also there. And repeatedly. And such examples, if you look closely, you can find a huge mass and therefore consider: how all these things "were", as they admitted, as both of them to get out. Lessons weight and they include not only the state as a whole, but also to individual. Not for nothing after all reputable scientists compared the life and functioning of the state's life and functioning of the individual. Understandably, of course, that a thorough, in all its forms and variations, history study is simply impossible. One can not say with precision what to think and feel that this or that character or that the impetus for specific actions and what causes this shock, because history is not only a list of actions arranged in chronological order, but also interweaving of many more factors than time, location and area. On the one hand, it aggravates the study of history, on the other hand, makes this process uniquely interesting and intriguing, because understanding the cause-effect relationship has occurred in a given period of events becomes clear and understandable, that the ancestors were not backward savages, and could, knew and know how something that is useful everywhere and at all times.