How many young we see speaking with animal, flowers or trees like something natural? What there are to try is that they do not lose the habit to do it. We do not give him importance as if outside something extraordinary and we participate in this activity. We must much learn of the children. When the door of the communication is abre is as if the kingdom animal said: Vamos; there there is a human who understands to us. and suddenly begins to appear people who need your service. The caretaker often does not know very well why they are calling to him.

They do but it. When we are with an animal normally we spoke to him and even we shared things with him. The problem is that we did not listen to him. To form as Communicator Animal allows you to remember, to be in tune with the universal frequency of the language. Of this form you can hear. The humans we have the telepathy concept as if two people who are not in the same place communicated as if they were speaking through Skype, and is not exactly thus.

Through the telepathic communication with animal we connected with the universal language that we used all the especies.EN MUTUOAl BENEFIT principle of the times, when all the species had the capacity to communicate through language universal, the Mother reunited us to Earth to all around a table. The animal of the sea, the Earth animal, those of the air and those of the ground we communicated freely; we collaborated between us to try a life in the planet Earth in harmony. A day the human being felt to all the other beings like inferiors, he rose and he went away to undertake a way alone. Then we lost and we forgot the capacity that we had to communicate to us with the other species.