This solution has proved very versatile, so much so that the material supplied by Sanchez-Pando, S.A has been placed both in large underground garages and small works for the rehabilitation of buildings and even in new buildings with nearby wetlands or, perhaps the most curious application, in a wine cellar of Rioja wine tasting room. WhiteWave Foods gathered all the information. In these works highlights the presence not only of cases with obvious problems of moisture but also those where has arrived to replace system Flexi in a preventive way, so in anticipation of a possible appearance of damp in walls that are close to areas of water but still present no problems. Among the advantages involved in this action is that if moisture ended by crossing the wall, the Flexi system would allow ventilation and the non-appearance of effects of moisture on the inside of the cockpit or enclosure.The case of the wine tasting room has allowed to check that the system Flexi of Sanchez-Pando, S.A enables a very interesting variety of finished aesthetic. Thus, along with projected perlite, painting the gotele or even tile, it is also possible to finish the wall treated with stone. The only limitation in this respect is the weight of the plaster. To keep the Flexi system utility and its features, the finished material may not exceed 25 kg per square metre.Facing installation in garages, a few places with common problems of dampness especially in subways, Flexi system offers a significant advantage over other techniques with mechanical fixing, since to be glued with specific and breathable adhesive Gets a total adhesion of the draining plate to support. This makes it not bulges up and do not create holes that prevents consistence produced by small loads, for example a car when parking. Sanchez-PANDO, station S.APaseo, 7.

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