If you have kids not be amiss to make some costumes, or even a mask. And ask the children (or rather help) to learn New Year’s poem. Second, think in advance about the holiday table, based on their tastes, tastes of your guests and budget. If you want to cook something new, then look through the cooking books or just search the web. But remember that dish for the first time can not get or do not like it, so prepare traditional recipes for you.

Equally important, you arrange the holiday table, do not forget about New Year’s decoration – tablecloths (with attached commonplace on the perimeter of snowflakes or bought in a shop in the winter theme) and, of course, candles. Even if you prefer not to switch off the light, warm fires on the table add You a fantastic mood. But the most important part of the holiday is of course a competitive program. Select a large collection of games, those contests which are suitable for your family or company. This does not necessarily have to be New contests and games can be distilled, the competition for accuracy, artistry or games jokes. You can also come up with some simple tasks (crow off the balcony, dance lezginka, sing, read poem and others). Assignments to write a leaf, fold them into a tube and stuff into balls. After this, inflate the balloons, they will decorate your holiday and will stand the role of Phantom in the competition. A good end of a noisy and merry celebration, will be “an evening of memories.” Take the pre-rent the projector, pull the sheet on the wall, pick up the photos in its sole discretion, add comments and ask your family or friends to remember captured happy moments of the year. Instead, the projector all this can be done on the computer, but it is desirable that you have a fairly large monitor, so that all could clearly see the picture “off the couch.” Well selected music will add magic to your holiday and New Year will still Bole fabulous. Happy New Year to you, comfort and warmth in my life!