At the beginning of this project, I was extremely dissatisfied with and for a while it gave up. Well, that is, the percentage of referrals, only 10, surf a little, minimum salary of 5 rubles. Later, when tried a bunch of projects, he returned to web-ip. What I really liked it – a large number of tasks to perform. The cost of 14 cents, to 20 rubles. This is important. Began to carry out tasks, first brought Minimal, was interesting. SIGN your income than your activity and the number of referrals also depends on the level of your account.

Immediately after registration you get an account Standart. All subsequent levels of the account can not buy (they are not sold), they daryatsya you, such as for winning the Contest advertisers or purchase a package of clicks. The package is the ability to scroll through the clicks of your ad surfing a certain number of times, so you not only get the impressions of your site, but increase your income. And in this WEB-IP is unique! Reputation in the party's reputation mainly affects its activity in the project: viewing browsing, performing tasks involve referrals, ordering advertisement for it all and not just will be credited reputation, and therefore for any kind of violation of reputation will be shot. At the moment, the reputation effect: 100 Joined: – surfing is available from 01:00 to 02:00 – the possibility of placing their referrals to Sale – allowed removal jobs completed at least 10 times.