One of the great advantages of email marketing is that electronic newsletters are an excellent tool to generate more traffic to your website. E-marketing statistics make very measurable and adjustable platform, but we need issuesFor tests assess the necessary adjustments. To verify that a hypothesis is true or not, only you must undergo an experiment.Measuring a campaign without reference points is like trying to compare two chef with having only visited the restaurant of one of them how to develop the results of the e-newsletter? We use as reference a study of an American company, firm Jupiter Research that showed the following results of email marketing in general. Made by this same marketing research firm gave the following results for the industry of generic e-mails, through DMNews: 88% of messages are delivered to your Inbox. 20% Of messages are open.

9.5% Is clickeado 1.1% converts to the readers. Clickear (Click Through): click on a banner or link and access another web page (landing page). Unit of measure of the effectiveness of a banner or link. Look at these data and compare them to your email marketing stats. Is your delivery level low? Then you should lower the use of images, remove words that can make consider your matter or subject of mail as spam, and put white lists for subscriptions in your emails (implement Opt-In). You have a percentage low opening? Then your email address must be clearer, your headline in the subject of email needs to be more attractive or you must provide better content. If subscribers do not anticipate that your email has good content, then eventually they will not open it.

Subscribers are opening your emails but don’t have access to visit your landing page? Then you have to create more incentives to make them, or possibly you must add more relevance in the messages that carry them to your from your messages landing page. In all cases, must be subjected to a test: the only way of work and optimize our email marketing is implementing tests and subjecting them to an experiment that is based on the search for information, prepared, implementation underway and finally the full analysis of the results. All this can be conducted using formulas and testing. To learn more about how to optimize your newsletters electronic with our formula extreme, I invite you to download the newsletters Minicourse.