As we are tired of direct messages for learning what you think if at the same time we had a good time watching this interesting movie, I strongly recommend tying ropes, since he transformed my vision about many things that happen in life and I believe that it is a movie open to many interpretations that will make you rethink many facets of life. Made me see that many of the events that we see and live is because we want to, maybe not in our conscious part, if in the unconscious; and that to truly have what you want to have to believe in it, and of course before find out about what you want in our interior. Shipping news is the movie that made fruit of the best-seller of e. Annie Proulx that was published with the title The Shipping News in 1993 Pulitzer Prize. I personally think that it is of the few times that translates brilliantly Castilian title a great best-seller, since it considerably enhances the essence of the film. I also already know the terms sailors me they like a lot as an example, arrive much better and in this case the translation is ideal.

The plot occurs when a middle-aged man without profession recognized and unfortunate that he lives in New York, Quoyle, loses to Petal, his wife, which was already living separate because not had more choice, and which has a daughter who adores. Suddenly, Petal dies in a car accident and his life changes forever, doesn’t know what to do. Casual mode appears another transcendental woman in his life. The women in this movie have very interesting roles all of them drawing colors in the gray landscape that haunts the protagonist. Crushed by pain and nostalgia, his young daughter withdrew together to Newfoundland, to the mysterious home of their ancestors. In the small fishing port of Killick-Claw, Quoyle Gets a job as a reporter at the local newspaper, The Gammy Bird.