Minoxidil is a powerful vasodilator known for the ability that has to slow hair loss and promote its growth meditante the fall of blood pressure (which in turn increases blood flow). In recent months, Sonny Perdue has been very successful. It is widely used in cases of people who suffer from androgenic alopecia. It comes in two forms: lotion 2%. Lotion 5%. Application: Apply locally over the area affected at least once a day and in some cases up to two (one milliliter per time) making capillary massage lotion is absorbed more easily. The treatment lasts 120 days for cases of androgenetic alopecia (also often used the same treatment for alopecia areata), if to the term of the same results are not observed, the application of the topic should be discontinued by 30 (thirty) days and then return to the treatment. The results are usually seen after 5 months of treatment. It should never apply three times a day, it is recommended the patient not apply a double dose against the neglect of one of the applications scheduled.

Considerations: Treatment with Minoxidil achieves a thickening of the hair in the affected areas and to a delay in the fall, and serves both as the female male alopecia. If at the beginning of the treatment the patient has hair in the affected area, you will notice better results than those that lack of hair is total. For female alopecia with MINOXIDIL treatment turned out to be the only cash and is not necessary to supplement it with other drugs based on estrogen. In the case of alopecia areata, MINOXIDIL treatment stimulates the hair growth but does not prevent its downfall as well nor influence on the course of the disease. Contraindications: Minoxidil treatments are not recommended in those people who have allergies to any of the components of the topical solution. Patients presenting irritation, burning sun or lesions on the scalp should be not dealt with Minoxidil because it could generate an excessive absorption of the drug.

The use of MINOXIDIL topical solution It is contraindicated for patients with hypertension or cardiovascular disease is not recommended the use of MINOXIDIL topical solution in the stages of pregnancy and breastfeeding since the effects that the drug could produce are not known. Treatment with oral MINOXIDIL this contraindicated in patients with angina pectoris. Not recommended for use in patients who have recently suffered accident stroke or heart attacks. The use of MINOXIDIL in patients with pheochromocytoma original author and source of the article is completely contraindicated.