This situation occurs the Mexico meeting, under a great pessimism. In United States, for example, decreases the number of citizens who believe truth to be global warming, not without political edges, as it is among Republicans and among members of the Tea Party where the disbelief is greater. III are faced with a problem of economic, political and cultural model. What is required is perhaps too much for the man of this time: an ontological philosophical approach, a tenderness biofila that seek a reaffirmation of life instead of the nihilism that we have extensively described in our texts. It is not marching toward an Ecocentrism, it’s removing man as dictator of the nature. Moreover, required fix the comment on the means of production, on the economic infrastructure.

We are against a predatory production system and a descultura of life. Cheap absorption of natural resources, unequal trade, indiscriminate exploitation by a profit equally indiscriminate. The worldwide crisis is a crisis of civilization. As always, it’s a matter of political philosophy, always thinking that when we use the word philosophy we involve thought and action. Need shake global inertia and require a reconfiguration of the civilizing model, which includes the decentralization of power and decision-making and a frontal attack to a predatory production system, a breakdown that allows recover diversity and the return to a citizenship of full exercise, the overcoming of the market as a limit to economic transactions and make fundamental elements for the understanding of sustainability ethics and equity, the introduction of the ecological sustainability of the economy as an opposition strong enough to the exclusionary vision of economic growth, the spread of ecosystems as the scale of the economy and its impossibility of substitution by man-made capital. In sum, also in the economy should be changed the paradigms. Once again, the reappearance of the domain of policy on the economy, because the latter must be subjected to social assessment objectives, consistent, comprehensive and democratic.