". Briefly, these advice of workers are going to take part in the decision from the destiny of the companies and will have the power to determine and to participate in the decision making that affects the operation of the same when having access guaranteed by the law to all administrative instances. I talk about the accounting, the list, contracts with suppliers, the legal actions, the goods to produce and their amount, the fixation of its price, the investments, the closing or not of the company and largusimo etc. that would minimumly frame all the actions and daily functions of any company. Briefly the advice of workers, under the shelter of this article of the law simply will take the direct control from the companies deciding their destiny and operation, without mentioning, of course, that will be in possession of sensible information and confidential that without a doubt it will be directed the government who will be able to use it according to but it agrees to him upon the moment or under the circumstances that but agree to him. The aim of the unions and the aim of the free company hidden in the overwhelming promise, beside the point false, of " socializacin" of the economy, when in the reality one is pure corporativismo and whatever it has a minimum notion of history economic it knows the terrible consequences of the corporativismo in estalinista Russia and in case it is required a near reference but is the examples of China and " felices" Cuban workers whose needs are determined by " hermano" Fidel. As if this outside little, is another project of law in the special character and waiting list also, that is to say, that will be approved by the route of the Qualifying one, which it raises " creation of the Institute of Formation School " Daniel de Len" , assigned organism to the Ministry of the Popular Power for the Work and Social Security, that will have like fundamental element the four weekly hours of formation within the day laboral" but what is this of the four weekly hours of formation? One treats, simply, of the object of one third special law that will complete the tragic picture that stops the future appears to the companies and Venezuelan workers to him and who contemplate simply that the companies will be in the obligation to grant to four hours weekly to their employees and workers so that they destine these them, in the school that the previous law creates or through facilitators credited by her, to the study and socialist formation remembers this me to the study sessions and discussion (besides the self-criticisms) to which were forced all the workers, Chinese civil servants and students during the era of Mao to this they add the declarations given by the President on the occasion of the celebration of first of May of its intention to reduce the labor day to six hours daily and begin to the future remove accounts on the productive thing who will be in the future, very very near the Venezuelan companies and that hope to us mainly like economy and like country, within a globalised world. .